After reading so many posts from my Facebook friends, who were delighted about Lviv, we decided to go there and spend a weekend. Lviv feels like a Polish city, long time gone but still ours. I thought this was only a Polish point of view until a woman we met on the street asked us directly by when would Lviv finally return to Poland. Rhetorical questions remain unanswered.

The city indeed feels somewhat familiar. Probably due to the smell of ribs from grill, plenty of weird museums (we missed the lard one) and the main square that’s full of drunken Polish tourists. There are some little bistros where you can treat yourself with a healthy and tasty meal and enjoy a decent cocktail but it’s much easier to find yet another restaurant offering Georgian cuisine.

On my Lviv photos I tried to capture the residents who were born in the era that’s already ended. Many of them seem to have not been affected by the significant progress that’s been made in the Post-soviet countries and continue to live their lives like in the old days. This is why I decided to develop the photos in black and white as I believe shades of grey would more precisely reflect the atmosphere of the city.