August In Paris

Have you heard about the Paris syndrome? It is often an unpleasant ailment, affecting mainly Japanese tourists, who are not able to accept the contrast between real Paris and the expectation. It is also possible that the spinning head feeling is a result of an over-excitement rather than disappointment.

I did not have to cope with hallucinations during my numerous visits to the city. Maybe it’s because I never had any strong expectations towards Paris, if at all it is allowed to expect anything from a city… Anyway, me and my wife decided to spend an entire week there in August. The heat exceeding 30 degrees and cloudless sky did take its toll, however, a visit to Paris right in the middle of the holiday season also had some advantages. The city (excluding tourists) was almost deserted, meaning we could always find a free table at any restaurant. The only queues we waited in were to the Louvre and to the legendary sandwich shop of Chez Alain. We regret the biggest museums were packed with visitors even in August, but at least I can finally mark them as done.

On the pictures you will find a few scenes from various parts of the city, its troubled by the heat people and their absent-looking faces. You might even find something that will make you visit Paris. If so, I do recommend travelling in August.