Sebastian Napora

As a self-defined introvert I’ve always used photography to get myself closer to people. My other aim is to cherish my passion for travelling and discovering different aspects of humanity that exists in cultures, customs or religions.

The focus of my work is mainy people and the usual life that happens on the streets in the cities and villages I had the pleasure to visit during my numerous travels.

Photography has been my passion since I received my first camera, Russian Smena-8 at the age of 10. A few years later I collected the equipment required to arrange a bathroom darkroom where I was able to develop hundreds of prints every month. I still own many of them even though they turned yellowish over time. I’m still shooting film from time to time although my processing workflow has become fully digital.


  • Caught In the Thoughts – CK Jedrzejow, January 2022
  • Caught In the Thoughts – PSCK Pinczow, November/ December 2021


  • Escape from Opera – 1st Prize in a Photography Competition by MOK Olsztyn. January 2022