Santo Domingo & More

I don't quite remember why we decided to visit Dominican Republic, but I think it was cheap travel tickets. Spending two weeks in a country where the most attractive places are beaches and the surrounding waters seems like an overkill, at least now. We rented a car and drove through the entire country, staying in simple hotels, bed & breakfasts and even in a holiday resort where we played table tennis in the evenings.

40% of the country population lives in poverty, their houses are unstable and there are many stores with no electricity inside. Food is simple and so is the way of living there, it's focused on satisfying basic human needs.

I tried my best to capture the mood of the country on my pictures. Part of them were taken in Santo Domingo, the capital city with many run-down colonial buildings, filthy houses, and sorrowful people. There's also a doze of happiness on these photographs but that we could only find at the beach.

CountryDominican RepublicYear2017