Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro

This is the first album I decided to publish in this new monochromatic reality, and I chose it to be one of the most colourful collection from the ones that are still patiently waiting in my bottomless archives.

The photographs were taken on the streets of the Brazilian Sao Paulo, or in fact in the districts that are beautifully painted with artistic murals, namely Beco de Batman and Vila Madalena. Street art usually harmonizes very well with the ones who admire it, often becoming an integral part of a pictire composition, not just the background of the image. If you like the photographs from Sao Paulo, you may also enjoy the album from Malaysia, in which I presented a similar subject-matter.

The album is supplemented with a few shots from Rio de Janeiro, out of which ‘Misty Jesus’ is my favourite. The weather was uncertain on that day, but there was a group of tourists that did not give up and patiently waited for the statue of Christ the Redeemer to come out of the fog. I believe it was worth it!