California photography was something I always wanted to do but before I could hit the roads of the state I had to spend a few weeks working from Oakland, just on the other side of San Francisco Bay. I was sleeping in Alameda as Oakland apart from the university district didn't feel very safe, there are parts of the city I felt insecure about, even when I was driving in my car. Alameda is a delightful little town with the smell of sugar on the streets. But boring.

The ocean was best enjoyed from San Diego. The waves were sometimes so strong that getting into the water would immediately end up with your body being treated like a pair of sneakers in the washing machine. Funny yet dangerous if you try to fight back. Watching the surfers from the shore and walking the little streets with the charming houses felt really enjoyable though.

Los Angeles was nowhere near to what I imagined. The traffic is so bad that you need to spend hours in the car in order to get anywhere in the city. The beaches and the nearby little shops is where I spent most of the time. Just strolling.