Kalpitiya, Anuradapura and Adam’s Peak

Sri Lanka makes for a perfect destination to those who find Thailand already too much westernised but are still afraid to visit India due to its homeless beggars, immense crowds and other such type of nonsense. Indeed, if you stay away from the areas occupied by rich Russians you will certainly enjoy nice beaches with attractive surfing spots, delicious fresh seafood and beautiful cascading mountains. In December 2015 I went to Sri Lanka for the first time with intention to learn kite surfing in Kalpitiya but the wind was so poor that after a few days of waiting I just packed my backpack and to hit the road to begin my first ever solo trip.

The pictures in this album were taken in Kalpitiya, Anuradapura and the Adam's Peak area of Sri Lanka.

CountrySri LankaYear2015